It’s been some time since the SimCity BuidIt appeared on mobile devices that run on Android or iOS platforms. From that day forward, the game is constantly growing in popularity, offering one of the most immersive adventures in the mobile game society. SimCity BuildIt gameplay is not only very entertaining and educating, but it can also be quite challenging in many different ways. Thanks to the options it offers, you are able to finally build your own city of dreams and become the Mayor of your entire Sim community. Raise magnificent buildings, efficiently place roads, plant urban greenery, create blooming gardens and quiet parks, and decorate your city to be, simply, one of a kind. And do not forget to tend to your Sims’ needs by keeping them all well-fed, well-dressed, and well-rested. While taking pleasure from your SimCity BuildIt gameplay, remember that all of your adult Sims should also be employed, specialized in at least one line of work, and have a home where they could devote themselves to their favorite activities.

This means WAR!

The best way to understand what the game is all about, is to start with the official SimCity BuildIt trailer, and then take a few moments to study a very handy tutorial, where everything is explained as it should be. Aside from building your own city and raising a bunch of hard-working Sims, you can also compete with other players in the Club Wars, in the real time. However, before you get there, first you have to create an effective strategy that you will plan together with other members of the Mayor’s Club. And when you are ready, you can declare war on other cities. During your struggle, there is many different weapons to choose from; weapons that are going to unleash their devastating power all over your enemy’s city. SimCity BuildIt gameplay allows you to choose between such devastators as discotornado, monstrous plants, or untamed elements, and direct them straight over the infrastructure of your opponent. After dropping such a bomb on your rival, take a deep sit, grab a large popcorn, and enjoy the sweet annihilation. While at war, do not forget to collect as many catastrophe cards as you can. They will give you various resources that may turn out to be crucial for your warfare. And now, let the WWIII begin!

Join the Mayor’s Club

Once you get your hands on the SmiCity BuildIt download and install the game, the sea of almost never-ending possibilities will open wide in front of you. While scrambling through the game options, you may stumble upon the Mayor’s Club feature. In this club, you can communicate with other SimCity Mayors – form allies with them, plan numbers of strategies against your common foes, discuss resources and terms of cooperation, or simply chitchat with your friends. SimCity BuildIt gameplay has many surprises in its sleeve that is getting thicker with every single month. The game is suitable for both children and adults, offering a large piece of addictive entertainment for the whole family.