SimCity is one of the most popular games in the world, and now it is available for mobile devices, as well. Every person with a smartphone can now create their own city, having at their disposal a vast piece of land and countless numbers of different objects. A good way to start this unforgettable adventure is to watch the official SimCity BuidIt trailer and study the tutorial that is perfect for those who do not have a clue how to find themselves in this diversified environment. After starting playing, try to do everything you can for your metropolis to be filled with vibrant life, astounding architecture, and many innovations that will raise your creation on a whole new level of prosperity.

Build your city from the best parts of the real ones!

Depending on what kind of city you will decide to build, you will get a bunch of beautiful additions to it, such as Eiffel Tower, or Statue of Liberty. SimCity BuildIt gameplay allows you to build a city of your own in many different ways. For example, you can raise a city on the coast, enhancing it with its own harbors, aqua parks, resorts, hotels, and well-developed beaches. Not a fan of the ocean? No problem. You can always expand your city districts, transforming them into Chinatown, Hollywood, or even form smaller types of such popular cities as Las Vegas, Tokyo, New York, and many others. Choosing the attractions above, you will be able to create movie studios, casinos, romantic venues, and a whole bunch of eye-catching structures that will make your city astonishing. All you need to do is to launch the SimCity BuildIt download, and then prepare for one of the most-addictive challenges in the mobile game community.

Prepare your Sims for the Christmas season!

You should know, the game is constantly being enriched with different add-ons, giving you even more possibilities to polish your city in its tiniest details. Those additions will not only benefit the city itself but also its citizens. For example, choosing the Wonders of the World add-on during your SimCity BuildIt gameplay, you will be able to spruce up your city with the most magnificent creations the human race has ever raised. Enhance it with the Temple of Artemis, Coliseum, Parthenon, and many more. You can even prepare your city, and homes, for the Christmas season. Place a large Christmas tree in the downtown square, embellish the streets with twinkling lights, buy few Santa’s costumes, and prepare for the celebration. Or maybe instead of Christmas, you prefer Halloween more? The game will make this wish come true, as well. SimCity BuildIt add-ons are much diversified, ranging from Holliday themes to summer beach vacation, festivals of fun, higher education for Sims, countryside, Mayor’s Clubs etc. It is one of those games that systematically receive additional content, keeping SimCity BuildIt gameplay interesting at all times. Are you ready to begin your second life?