Welcome to the colorful world of lovable Sims, where you can raise and expand a full of Sims city. The only thing that restricts your SimCity BuildIt gameplay is just your own imagination. Now you have the opportunity to become a well-respected Mayor of your beautiful city, taking a good care of your citizens – their health, happiness, jobs, and hobbies. You will also have to constantly pay attention to the whole city infrastructure that often needs all kinds of renovations, enhancements, and additional objects, so the city could prosper the best way it can. Take a peek at the official SimCity BuildIt trailer with breathtaking locations, impressive constructions, and dozens of Sims who slowly lead their daily life. The game is very addictive and perfectly trained to take many days of your real life away from you, placing you right in the middle of the most entertaining corners of the mobile game world.

Become the SimCity best Mayor!

SimCity BuildIt gameplay offers many various options, so you could create your dream city the way you want it. You can choose almost everything – from small decorations for your home to large and complexed buildings and other objects. You can raise skyscrapers, factories, schools, parks, monuments, roads, stores, and many more. While building your city, keep in mind that all your buildings should be placed in the best possible for the locations. This way they will not be interfering with the progress of the city, only benefit it. During your way to having a well-developed city, you will also have to solve many obstacles that will be slowing you down, such as wildfires, traffic jams, and pollution. Remember that every city should have its own police station, fire department, hospital, and power plant. Another very important thing is the transport. Try to build your roads, alleys, pavements, and tram lines, in a way they could form a perfectly-deployed, transport net.  

Plan wisely and pay attention to your budget

The game throws before you many different challenges that are going to check your skills in areas such as organization, management, construction, and reasonable decision-making. There will be times when you have to decide on what should be sacrificed in favor of other additions you are planning to put in your city. So, choose wisely, so you would not have to waste your city budget on tearing something down. In order to begin this amazing adventure, hit the SimCity BuidIt download button. And after installing the game, do not forget to get familiarized with a very useful tutorial that will give you a sense of how to raise and manage both the city and the Sims. Try to keep all the Sims happy with their life, so they could keep your city spotless in every manner. However, it is not a fixed rule. If you prefer to rule with an iron fist, is your choice. But while on this path, you should know that your city is going to become a very dark place – filled with sadness, poverty, and suffering.