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It’s best game for mobile. Generator work very well


Thank you for hack! Works 🙂


Are you have “human veryfication” too??


Yes I had, but my friend try use generator and he had no verification

Glenn Corley
Glenn Corley

Great game




SimCash Hack


Simoleons Hack


Keys Hack

Once you go hack, you’ll never go back!

Do you have enough annoying ads and reduced options while playing your favorite online game on mobile devices? We are proud to present one of the safest SimCity Buildlt cheats available today! With this fully-operational invention, you will have no problems of becoming the richest mayor of the SimCity Buildlt metropolis. The SimCity BuildIt hack tool gives you the possibility to generate unlimited amounts of Simoleons and SimCash currencies, along with as many Keys as you want. It is going to help you to save your money on purchasing premium versions, which on the long run are often quite expensive. You will not have to limit your gameplay to the basic features, anymore. Thanks to hack SimCity Buildlt you’ll be able to enjoy the in-game freedom and play the game as it’s meant to be played.

How does the SimCity BuildIt hack tool work?

The SimCity BuildIt hack is very easy to use, guarantying efficiency and high level of performance. It is entirely virus-free, so you do not have to worry about malicious scareware, unwanted media players, and infected websites. With its unparalleled functionality, the hack SimCity Buildlt does not affect your operating system. It works very smoothly and does not slower your game. You will not experience any crashes, freezes, or bugs. Designed for mobile platforms, the SimCity BuildIt iOS / Android hack is the effect of many hours of hard work and effort, bringing you the best benefits to develop your virtual city. Thanks to a functional proxy, you do not have to download it or worry about detection. The SimCity Buildlt cheats work online, without the necessity of installing it on your mobile device. And they are 100% undetectable, effectively keeping you away from getting banned. This way you will have more of the free space on your smartphone. Plus, your account will be completely safe, no matter how many hours you will be spending on playing the game.

The amazing benefits of the hack SimCity BuildIt

The SimCity BuildIt iOS / Android hack is just perfect for those who do not want to waste their precious time to generate Simoleons and SimCash, or purchasing them from the online game store. The SimCity BuildIt hack does not require special skills in order to use it. It is well suitable for the beginners as well as for online game veterans. You will be amazed how easy is to make it work on both iOS and Android devices, how little impact it has on your smartphone, and how much your game will be transformed. Now you will have enough currency to build your desirable objects like factories, churches, houses, utilities, decorations etc. Your Sims will be happy all the time, and your city is going to flourish like never before. And you can achieve all of that almost without any effort. With the hack SimCity BuildIt, your wallet will stay intact, and your satisfaction from creating your desirable, virtual world will be fulfilled in 100%!

Unleash your creativity with SimCity BuildIt!

It’s been some time since the SimCity BuidIt appeared on mobile devices that run on Android or iOS platforms. From that day forward, the game is constantly growing in popularity, offering one of the most immersive adventures in the mobile game society. SimCity BuildIt...

Let your imagination run wild in the SimCity BuildIt world!

SimCity is one of the most popular games in the world, and now it is available for mobile devices, as well. Every person with a smartphone can now create their own city, having at their disposal a vast piece of land and countless numbers of different objects. A good...

Create a well-prospering community with SimCity BuildIt!

  Welcome to the colorful world of lovable Sims, where you can raise and expand a full of Sims city. The only thing that restricts your SimCity BuildIt gameplay is just your own imagination. Now you have the opportunity to become a well-respected Mayor of your...

Bring your own city to life with the SimCity BuildIt!

A few decades ago, the idea of building your own city was simply unthinkable. However, now, in the era of quickly-expanding technology, everyone has a chance to raise their own metropolis, using only their imagination combined with their free time and iOS / Android devices. One of the best online games for bringing your desirable city to life is SimCity Buildlt, wherein you can allow your creativity to run wild and free like a bison herd pacing through the wilderness of North America.

In the SimCity Buildlt, you will have a chance to create an entire city by using a vast range of various tools, materials, and objects to achieve the main goal – to have the best city in the entire region! And even that the whole understanding of how the game works is not that difficult, the aspect of designing the most thriving city is. The game is going to test your managerial skills and the way your mind works. And after it finishes with you, you will be more knowledgeable and skilled in this field than the Donald Trump himself.

Make money, money!

The first step to begin your adventure is to earn money in the form of Simoleons and SimCash. You’ll have a couple of different ways to obtain it, and you will need both of those currencies to build your dreamland. And those will not be some small amounts, either. To earn a lot of cash, you will have to be patient and systematic.

You can earn your currencies by collecting the rent and taxes from your Sims, selling your unwanted building materials, or unlocking achievements listed in the City Journal, for which you’ll be getting SimCash rewards, just like for unlocking the next stages of the game.

Also remember to play your game every day, even for a short period of time. This way, you will have the chance to benefit from the daily bonus that is going to increase your cash-flow quite well.  

Aside from the gameplay itself, you can also make your earnings by watching ads, or simply, by visiting the online game store and pay real money for the SimCash and Simoleons.

Smart managing

Try to expand your city in various ways; by raising buildings, malls, recreation facilities, factories, schools, hospitals, parks, utilities like water, electricity etc. Each structure has to have a road that leads to it, otherwise it will all be for nothing. And all you will be left with is a large hole in your wallet. All of these will enlarge the Sim population very quickly, and it will have an impact on their mood, which you can check by using the happiness icon – if the Sims are unhappy, they will leave your city.

Don’t forget about special tokens like the Golden and Platinum Keys that will make your building process much easier. And when something needs your attention, you will see a red exclamation point hovering over that area.

Spend your money wisely, and do not purchase any unnecessary objects, at least not at the beginning of the game – or you can go bankrupt in no time.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats is made for fun. After completing the generator you get tips on how to get SimCash, Simoleons and Keys in the game and be a better player.